Top 5 Chrome extensions to detect Fonts on Webpage in 2024

When surfing the web, you may stumble upon a cool font that is perfect for your next project. But there is one small problem. How do you identify the font? Searching for the font manually is next to impossible and may take up a lot of time. However, there is a simple way to identify fonts. With the help of a font finder extension, you can easily detect and find out the font name in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re a designer, a marketer or a web developer, these extensions can make your life a lot easier. We have compiled the best-performing font finder extensions in 2024 that are absolutely free to use!

Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Detect Fonts in 2024

S. No.Font finder Chrome extension
1.Font Finder by What Font
2.Fonts Ninja
3.What Font

1. Font Finder by What Font

Font Finder extension lets you find the font details very quickly. You might come across several web pages with fonts you wish to identify. You can bookmark these pages and use the Font Finder extension. This extension will then identify the font for you and show the font name. With Font Finder, you can expect accurate results when detecting any font. It is a great extension for developers, graphic designers, and others who wish to identify the font details.


  • Detects the font family and font size
  • Shows you the font weight and font line
  • Identifies the RGB Color Code

2. Fonts Ninja

Fonts Ninja is a tool that helps people identify fonts online. It is available as a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox users. Font Ninja can also be integrated with software such as Photoshop, Figma, and Sketch. It has a free version and a premium version. The extension helps users identify fonts and CSS properties on different websites. The main extension window will show you a complete list of the fonts used on a website, their foundry and their price.


  • Has over 3000 fonts in its database
  • Improved processing speed
  • Can bookmark the fonts

3. What Font

What Font is a font identifier Chrome extension that can identify fonts on any website. The extension is available on the Chrome web store, and users can download it easily. It is compatible with the Chrome browser and with Microsoft Edge. When you hover the cursor over any text on a website, the font name pops up. To get more details regarding the font, you can click on the text. You will find details such as the colour, weight, style, size and family.


  • Tweet button for instant sharing on Twitter
  • Supports both light and dark themes
  • Improved toolbar icon compatibility

4. Whatfontis

Whatfontis is a popular and well-known font identifier Chrome extension. This extension can identify the font from images and texts alike. You can upload an image with the text into the search box, and it will generate results. Similarly, you can also paste an image URL, and it will detect the image for texts and reveal the font used. Users can also optimise the image by adjusting the brightness and contrast. The extension will also suggest 60 more fonts that are similar to the one you’re searching for.


  • Can use the Chrome extension for free
  • Has over 800K free fonts
  • Image cropping tool for optimisation

5. Whatthefont

For users looking for a font finder Chrome extension, What the Font is a great option to consider. With this extension, you can easily identify any font. Just hover over a text, and it will reveal the name, style and details. You no longer have to go through endless hours of searching the web trying to identify a single font. This extension is perfect for web designers, marketers, UI/UX designers and freelancers. It enables you to use attractive fonts for your next project.


  • Instantly reveals names and styles.
  • Copy-paste feature to integrate style names into HTML
  • Online font-style CSS detector

Features to look for in a Font Finder extension

No matter what field you’re working in, you will have to work with different fonts at some point. Whether you’re creating a PowerPoint presentation, writing a blog, or designing a webpage, the fonts play a huge role. A font identifier Chrome extension will not just help you identify fonts online but also tell you if it is free to use or not. When choosing a font finder extension, here are some key points to consider.

  • It helps you identify the font name.
  • Reveals the style, family, colour, size and position
  • It lets you bookmark the previously identified fonts
  • It shows you the type of foundry

How to add a font finder extension to your browser?

Identify fonts quickly and accurately with a font identifier Chrome extension. All the font finder extensions are available to download from the Chrome web store. By following these simple and easy-to-follow steps, you can add the font finder to your browser. The steps are as follows:

  • Click on the extension link given in this article
  • Once the web store page opens, click on the “Add to Chrome” button
  • Wait for the extension to finish downloading
  • After installation, you can find the extension icon next to the address bar
  • Click on the extension and agree to the necessary terms and conditions
  • Use the toggle button to enable the extension

Once you enable the font finder extension, you can visit any webpage and hover over a piece of text. The extension will show you the font name and other assisting details.


Identifying a font has never been this easy! Download a font finder Chrome extension for your browser, and you will be good to go! Previously, users faced many challenges when trying to identify a font. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the font you identify accurately matches what you’re looking for. However, with the help of a font finder extension, you get accurate matches within seconds. Font finder extensions are a handy tool that can aid you in your journey to find the perfect font for your next project. So get started right away and unlock the true potential of this extension!


Q1. Which is the best extension to identify font online?

Ans. Fond Finder by What Font is the best extension to identify fonts online. This extension is free to use and works effectively on your browser.

Q2. Does the font finder extension give accurate results?

Ans. Yes, the font finder extension gives accurate results to the users. It gives more precise results than finding fonts manually.

Q3. How is the font identifier Chrome extension helpful to the users?

Ans. The font identifier Chrome extension saves time and provides results within seconds. Moreover, users can also get in-depth details about the extensions, such as the style, depth and more.

Q4. Is there a free Chrome extension to identify fonts online?

Ans. Yes, font finder Chrome extensions such as Font Finder, WhatFont, Whatfontis, Whatthefont and Fonts Ninja are free to use and download.

Q5. Where can I download a font finder extension from?

Ans. You can download the font finder extension from the Chrome web store. Visit the web store and search for any font finder extension.

Q6. Can I identify the font on an image using an extension?

Ans. Yes, with the help of the Whatfontis extension, you can identify the font used on an image. Similarly, you can also identify the font using the image URL.

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